Going wedding dress shopping may be the top concern in your mind when you think about your upcoming wedding day, but choosing a bridal veil is also a fun experience and it allows you to show more personality. You can, of course, opt out of a veil and choose beautiful wedding hair pieces or flowers instead; but if you’re thinking you’re in the market for a lace, cathedral, or birdcage veil (or more!), then this blog post can help you decide what your next step should be.

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Match The Style Of Your Wedding

If you’re getting married in the woods, a flowing cathedral wedding veil probably isn’t your best bet. Likewise, that boho lace veil won’t match your ceremony vibes if you’re in a formal venue. You get the picture.

Consider The Length

Like we were just discussing, a 15-foot ivory veil just won’t look good at your beachside destination wedding. Length goes a long way when it comes to your bridal veil. Below are some of the most popular bridal veil styles.

Birdcage Veil

About 4-9”. Vintage, short veil that sits on your head and comes forward to cover some of your face.

Elbow-Length Veil

About 25”. This is a more modern look that will fall just down to your elbows.

Fingertip Veil 

About 45”. This is also a more modern look, and it reaches down to your fingertips.

Waltz or Ballet Veil 

About 54”. This falls between your knees and your ankles and doesn’t touch the floor.

Chapel Veil 

About 90”. This is one of the most traditional bridal veil options out there. It reaches the floor and has just a little left over to trail behind you.

Cathedral Veil 

About 108”. This is the most formal veil option and is generally longer than the train of your wedding dress.

You can, of course, have any length of veil you like — including at your shoulder, hip, or ankle, which aren’t bridal veil options listed above.

With your length, however, you’ll have to determine if it will hide details of your dress that you want to show off or if it will distract from your dress overall. By choosing the right embellishments, you can avoid letting your bridal veil take too much attention off of your dress.

Careful With Embellishments

If your wedding dress style is full of lace, beading, and other intricate details, it’d be wise to opt for a more simple and white wedding veil. On the other hand, if your classic wedding dress is more subtle, you can dress it up with an elegant lace veil full of details — much like Meghan Markle’s veil during her recent wedding.

You’ll also want to experiment with how your bridal veil embellishments will photograph. It would be disappointing to get the photos back from your wedding photographer only to discover that your bedazzled veil didn’t photograph well in the light.

Remember, though, the embellishments on your bridal veil don’t have to match your wedding dress perfectly. Have fun with textures and materials and just make sure the embellishments on each part of your wedding attire complement each other.

Think Of The Ceremony & Reception

Many brides choose a blusher (veil that covers your face) for the ring ceremony. Traditionally, brides would walk down the aisle with their faces covered by the blusher. The person who walked her down the aisle or her lucky partner then lifts the blusher. If you choose to follow this age-old tradition, make sure your bridal veil is long enough to go up and over your head.

Do you want your wedding photos from the reception to show off your veil? Many brides wait until after the first dance to remove their wedding veils so that their favorite bridal accessory will be seen in photos of the first dance or the cake cutting. If you have it attached to your headpiece with a fabric hook and loop closures, then you can easily remove it (and attach it!) when you’re ready to take it off during the reception.

Planning your wedding jewelry, bridal headpieces, and bridal veils is all part of the fun of wedding dress shopping and planning for your big day. We hope today’s blog post is a good resource for you as you decide whether you want a veil or not and what type of veil if so. And remember — Blue Bridal Boutique is offering our Denver brides the chance to win a free bridal veil every month. Just fill out our form and cross your fingers for good luck!

Whatever you choose for your bridal veil, we can’t wait to see how beautiful you look! Schedule an appointment with us today.