Engagement season is in full swing, and with brides deciding on weddings later this year, we thought it would be a good time to spotlight some of the most amazing things that happen when you decide on a winter wedding.

The Pictures

There is no denying it, we have swooned over every single snowy winter wonderland photo of weddings that we have seen this season. There is something absolutely breathtaking about snow capped mountains, and the wide open white landscape that makes winter wedding photography very magical. Here in Colorado, we have the perfect  backdrop for some of the most incredible winter wedding possibilities. Taking advantage of the natural beauty that makes our state so special can also be a good way to cut costs on expensive indoor venues and decor.

The Colors

Another amazing thing about having a winter wedding is being able to choose from an array of amazing  color palettes that really pop against a snowy white backdrop, and help showcase the beauty of our natural environment. Many brides are opting for deep shades, and pairing them with beautiful wood creations and seasonal flower bouquets to create some really amazing combinations!

The Adventure

There is something very adventurous and special about planning a winter wedding, and although it may not be right for everyone, for some brides they can’t imagine it any other way. For some couples, especially the winter enthusiast, a winter wedding is the perfect way to honor their love for the great outdoors and all the amazing activities that take place here in Colorado during the winter season. So many more people are opting to have their big day at one of the many amazing ski resorts all throughout the state, and we can definitely see why!

The Fashion

And lastly, maybe the most exciting reason of all to have a winter wedding is the fashion. Between the stunning dresses, the dark suits, the fur, and the sparkle, winter wedding fashion is swoon worthy. This is the perfect excuse, to pull out all the stops and really dress to the nines! We love seeing all the amazing winter fashion combinations that brides come up with to really make their big day one to remember.