When trying on your dream dress you always want the right people there to share the magical experience with. They make you feel special, tell you their opinions (the good and not so good), and make sure you pick the right one. But have you ever considered who the right people to bring with you to find your dress are?

Well Blue is here to help! It’s always important to have the people that you trust the most. They will understand that it is “your” day and will help you pick the dress that YOU love. It is extremely important that they are supportive and honest in the nicest way. This allows you to be comfortable in what you wear and be able to explain what you like, don’t like, and what you are looking for. It’s important to not have too many opinions. This can cause you to feel overwhelmed at times. It can become confusing with what everyone thinks is best for you and what they envision you in.

When the right people go shopping with you, it makes the experience smooth, relaxing and fun! In the end, it is good to consider everyone’s point of view, but follow your heart and trust that the one’s you bring with you want the best for you…especially at Blue!