It’s almost your big day! Here at Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver, we’re so excited for you. You’ve had your wedding dress for months now, had all the dress alterations completed, and put in the hours at the gym so you can truly feel your best.

After all your hard work, you definitely don’t want anything to go wrong that you could’ve planned for. At Blue Bridal Boutique, we’re with you from start to finish; from the moment you find your perfect wedding dress to the moment you’re walking down the aisle looking at the love of your life. That’s why we’re sharing this blog with you today! Here are 5 tips to ensure everything goes well with your wedding dress the day of.

1. Be Careful With Makeup

You already hate when you get a foundation stain on your favorite high-necked shirt almost every time you wear it. Let’s try really hard to avoid makeup stains on your wedding dress then, shall we?

If you put on your wedding dress before your makeup is completed, then put something over your dress while your makeup is applied. If you put on your wedding dress after your makeup is completed, make sure someone is right there to help you. This will prevent smearing your makeup or messing up your hair, but it will also guarantee that no makeup finds its way onto your perfect dress.

2. Have A Steamer On Hand

Pesky wrinkles don’t belong when you’re walking down the aisle and all eyes are on you. Have a steamer ready to go, and then if you do see wrinkles you’re prepared. You can also make sure to always hang your dress so that wrinkles are less likely to appear.

3. Have A Sewing Kit On Hand

We’d like to believe that nothing bad will happen to your beautiful wedding dress, but sometimes bad things happen to good people! Whether it’s a bobby pin creating a small tear in your lace wedding dress, your mermaid wedding dress gets snagged from a chair or someone’s foot, someone’s nail catches on your princess wedding dress, or anything else happens, you’ll definitely want to have some tools just in case.

Some simple white thread and a needle should do the trick — but hopefully you won’t have to use it.

4. Don’t Forget A Photo

You’ll want to remember everything about your special day: the way your partner looks at you when you’re walking down the aisle, how cute your ring bearer was, how you looked during your first dance, and, of course, your dress. After all, you only get to wear the dress once.

You’ll have lots of photos of you wearing the dress, but don’t forget to have your photographer snap some photos of you getting ready and putting on your wedding dress or a photo of your wedding dress hanging in your gorgeous venue. These are photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

5. Breathe — And Don’t Forget To Smile

No matter what happens on your wedding day, it’ll be unforgettable and special; it’s your day.

Be prepared and have all these things on hand to get you through the day, but don’t forget to smile and enjoy the small moments. If your dress tears anywhere then that’s unfortunate, but it’s not a deal breaker. Your white thread and needle can sew it right up and nobody will even notice. As much as this day is special because of your dress, it’s truly special because you’re committing to someone you love.

If you don’t yet have your wedding dress, visit Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver! We offer collections from many designers, you can see brides in our dresses, and we offer dress alterations from our in-house seamstress. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you make your day truly unforgettable.