When the highest temperature expected for the day is ten degrees, we prefer to focus our sights on a warmer time of year, summer!  With summer being the most popular time of year to get married, we couldn’t resist sharing this modern and fun idea for a summer wedding reception, the candy bar.  These photos are from Sweet Designs, a blog by event planner Amy Atlas, who also included some great tips for keeping your ice cream or dessert bar clean and functional:

(1) Include lots of toppings (we included nutella, fluff, fruit, crushed cookies, granola, coconut, and sprinkles for this toppings bar);
(2) Decant your sauces (we used caramel, hot fudge, and butterscotch) into easily pourable vessels. Keep the sauces towards the front of your toppings bar so they don’t drip on other goodies on the table;
(3) Include some ice cream-inspired desserts (we used ice cream cupcake cones, ice cream brownies, banana split cookies, and ice cream marshmallows);
(4) Dress up your ice cream cones with decorative cone jackets;
(5) Include lots of napkins on the table!