Spring is upon us, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to slap on some self tanner, Chanel shades and attend a poolside BBQ soiree! Sadly, these are the plans of my dreams, not my actual life (sigh!) However, I refuse to let this fact interfere with my spring beauty kickoff! I thought this would be the perfect time to go over my fave waterproof beauty products for those of you lucky enough to be poolside, or even (jealous!) beach-side.  Lancome Definicils {$24.50} is an oldie, but a goodie. I love the perfect separation it creates between lashes, while adding length as well as volume. The only thing that makes this product even more perfect is the waterproof formulation. This makes it easy to have lovely lashes, without having to worry about the dreaded raccoon eye, making your beachy afternoon even more enjoyable. 

Make-Up Forever Aqua Eyes {$17} deserves an honorable mention in the eyeliner category. A shadow and liner in one, this product comes in almost as many colors as you can imagine. Spring is the perfect time to try a bright new shade of liner, especially if you have a tan, which makes trying a new color (or really, anything) a little less scary. This one is also a waterproof winner, not budging from the moment you put it on your eyes. This is an especially nice formulation for getting into the inner eyelid area, which is hard to do with a non-waterproof formula, and can really make the eyes pop. Turquoise is the perfect color to experiment with, and Makeup Forever makes an absolutely gorgeous color in this formulation (Turquoise 7L.)

Another personal favorite of mine is Posietint by Benefit Cosmetics {$10.} Although it is not waterproof per se, it is very water-resistant. Unless you are going swimming while simultaneously scrubbing your face, this one should stay put pretty easily. Even better, this product doubles as a lip tint, so you can drop it in your beach bag with your sunscreen this summer and be set for the day! Bonus: it comes in an adorable pocket-size Posietint mini, so if you accidentally face-plant in the sand and scrub your color off, you can brush this little baby on and you’ll have color back in no-time. Hello Spring!