In the most recent issue of The Knot Magazine, two of our favorite exclusive designers were featured, answering the common conundrum of which accessories work best with a floral gown.  In this photo, a stunning Rivini gown was paired with Bride’s Head Revisited #522 hair pins.  Here’s what Alexandra from Bride’s Head has to say as to why this combo works so well:

Brides may be afraid that if they wear flowers in their hair along with a floral gown, they run the risk of looking like an unpruned rose bush that’s just had a run-in with a french pastry. The trick, as seen in The Knot’s styling, is to find a flower that complements the gown without trying to exactly copy the flowers on the gown. The #522 hairpins work beautifully because the pouf of petals accented with light feathers continue the “floral” theme without being a “flower” that might not quite match the flowers on the dress, or might match too much. The hairpins are also very versatile, they allow the bride to wear two or more in an updo for a more lush, fuller look.

If you have a floral gown, don’t be afraid to wear flowers in your hair. With the right floral comb you can finish off your floral style with elegance without looking like a floral show.”