Here I am, sitting at my desk contemplating my Thanksgiving plans and whether or not Adam Lambert really did go too far at the AMA’s and in walks Lori from Statice Floral carrying gorgeous arrangements just in time for our Tara Keely trunk show this weekend!  Let’s be honest, it would be hard to top the work she did for our fashion show last month which garnered more Oohs and Wowie Zowies (or Oohs and Ahhs, whatev) than we could count, and yet here we are.  Even though we have seen hundreds of her creations, somehow, Lori always manages to wow us with her fresh, contemporary conceptions adding the slightest touch of whimsy to something that would otherwise be called simply elegant.  Thank you Lori at Statice!  Have we told you lately that we love you…(our brides do too!) Check out her work below and at Photos are of course taken by the fabulous AHP.