Meigan Canfield Photo

Continuing with our photographer spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Denver photographer Meigan Canfield.

What is your preferred style of photography?

My preferred style (as myself and my Clients would say) revolves around fun, creative, and genuine imagery (playful, abstract, and lively are a few others that have been described). I focus on “in the moment” photographs, full of color and strong energy.  I am driven to create imagery that will show you as a couple in your own unique way, and welcome your quirky/cute/rare love so we can let it shine!

Do you work from a shot list on the big day?

I do not work from a very specific shot list, outside of checking off the very standard wedding shots (getting ready pictures, bridal party and family photographs, ceremony, couples shots, cocktail hour, cake cutting, dancing, etc). Myself and my second photographer get these necessary shots while working with the natural flow of things as much as possible.

Do you have an advice for brides?

A piece of advice for Brides Grooms – Give yourself more than enough time throughout the day so the day can flow naturally. In my opinion, the only thing that can really spoil the special day is stress to get things done in a timely manner. It’s your wedding day … Relax!

What is included in your price package?

I have two packages – A full day and a half day. Both packages include a second shooter, editing on all credible images, and a USB of the edited, high resolution files (may be printed anywhere).

How many images can a couple expect to see from their wedding?

There is never a guaranteed amount of images per wedding, but typically 75 – 100 images per hour can be expected.

Do brides receive a disc of images, or do they have to order all of the prints through you?

End Product – You will receive a USB of all high resolution files!

What is your favorite part of the wedding to photograph?

My favorite part of the wedding to photograph is split into two. The first is couples portraits. This is my time to let you two shine and be as much “you” as possible. It is our time to giggle about poses, be outside, and enjoy the peaceful part of the day. The second is the general vibe of the wedding.  Every wedding glows with the same sort of beauty that is brought to place because you fell in love and you threw a party to celebrate it. All of your friends and family are finally together and every emotion you have ever known is being experienced. This is why weddings are so beautiful to me and almost more than anything, as the photographer, I love being there to experience such a magic and capture this overflow of feelings on your wedding day.

What is your favorite subject to photograph when you are not shooting weddings?

I attended art school, where I learned to foster creativity and think outside of the box.  So, when I am not photographing weddings, I am generally noticing and photographing the world and its everyday occurrences.  I love finding beauty through interesting perspectives in my immediate surroundings.  I photograph this to inspire others to seek new perspectives, because the world we live in is basically a large scale piece of art, and everybody has a different creative perspective that should be shared.  The more we see and feel, the greater ideas we have.