1. GUEST BLOG: Morgan of Lady Ilg Photography

    Lady Ilg Photography | Owner, Morgan 1. What's your best advice for couples when looking for a wedding photographer? My biggest piece of advice is 5 words: Photography is a personal decision. If you do not find a photographer you're comfortable with, you may regret your images. Your photographer is…Read More

  2. GUEST BLOG: Angela of Bella Lu Floral

    Bella Lu Floral | Owner, Angela 1. What is your favorite flower right now? My very favorite flower is an anemone, but depending on the time of year, I have lots of favorites. In the fall here in Colorado our farmers grow the most incredible dahlia's and so they are a very close #2! 2. Do you find P…Read More

  3. GUEST BLOG: Adrienne of A Touch Of Bliss

    A Touch Of Bliss | Owner, Adrienne  1. What would you recommend to a bride who doesn't know where to start with wedding planning? The first step we tell everyone is to finalize your guest list and budget. You can’t move forward with any of the other planning pieces without these two things! Duri…Read More

  4. GUEST BLOG: Steve Stanton Photography

    Steve Stanton Photography | 1. What's your best advice for couples when looking for a wedding photographer? Budgets are important, style is important, but both should come secondary to finding a photographer that you completely connect with personally.  What good are pictures, regardless of cost o…Read More

  5. GUEST BLOG: Mandy of MJM Designs

    MJM DESIGNS | Owner, Mandy 1. What is your favorite flower right now? This is a florist's toughest question to answer! I love peonies and ranunculus of course, but my favorite flower at the moment is hellebore. 2. Do you find Pinterest to be helpful or harmful with styling florals for weddings? Pin…Read More

  6. GUEST BLOG: Laura of Blush + Bay

    BLUSH + BAY | Owner, Laura  1. What is your favorite flower right now? How do I choose?! My favorites will always be delicate varieties such as ranunculus, peony, anemone, sweet pea, and I have grown to love roses! There are so many gorgeous colors and varieties and if you let them open right, the…Read More

  7. 5 Tips Of The Day For Your Wedding Dress

    It’s almost your big day! Here at Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver, we’re so excited for you. You’ve had your wedding dress for months now, had all the dress alterations completed, and put in the hours at the gym so you can truly feel your best. After all your hard work, you definitely don’t w…Read More