Bridal Makeup by Blue Bridal Boutique | Denver Wedding Dresses

In our quest to make your life easier, we sat down for another vendor spotlight interview with Denver makeup artist Megan Cary from Megan Cary Artistry!

What is the most important thing for brides to consider when choosing a hair & makeup artist for their wedding?

Quality. What most brides regret is trying to cut costs in the hair and makeup department. Not every hair or makeup artists specialize in bridal looks so make sure to look at work, read reviews and see whom they work with the most. Many quality wedding vendors will have great working relationships with each other. Pictures are forever and you want to be able to look back and still be blown away years after. Choosing your hair and makeup artist is just as important as the photographer or venue. Like any sought after vendors , brides shouldn’t expect high quality hair and makeup artists to be available last minute and should be thought of well in advance.

Is it helpful when brides bring in photos for reference?

It is VERY important. In fact many of our brides or clients are coming from out of state or from international locations  as Colorado is a huge destination wedding location. With this said, consultations and or run-throughs aren’t possible or performed. We believe a verbal as well as a visual (inspirational pictures) are vital to a successful of the consultation and or wedding day.

Do you recommend that brides have a makeup trial before the big day, and if so why?

I’d like to start by distinguishing the difference between a trial and a consultation. I always get asked what is the difference. A trial is in place if the bride is indecisive about whom she would like to use on her wedding day and is still shopping around for that right vendor for her. Consultations are a run through of the desired look after booking the artist and are usually scheduled closer to the wedding day to make sure both the artist and bride are on the right page.  I feel if the bride isn’t confident in the look she may want or is very nervous and a trial  will put her at ease then definitely!

Are there products that you offer to accommodate brides and bridal parties with skin sensitivities?

We do not offer any products as we aren’t medical estheticians. We do makeup artistry and are not on the medical side of the spectrum. We at times offer suggestions for products, based on personal knowledge or prior usage, but do not provide them with product. With that said, within our agreement there is an allergy section so the bride may put down what products and or ingredients herself or her bridal party may be allergic to that way we can steer clear of those while applying makeup application.

What is included in your price package?

We have discounted packages for parties getting both hair as well as makeup artistry from Megan Cary Artistry. This package includes full hair any style as well as makeup artistry and lashes for all at a discounted rate. With doing this and brides choosing us for both services it makes it a lot easier for the bride to be dealing with the 1 vendor vs multiple and helps with the day of scheduling!

What is your favorite thing about doing bridal hair & makeup?

First it’s an honor to have a bride want you to be in charge of her beauty on the most important day of her life. How fulfilling is that! When doing services the day of its a smile from start to finish in our experience for both bride and artist . Seeing the transformation and photos afterwards and being able to know you had a playing part. We love our brides!

What are your thoughts on using airbrush as a makeup application technique for the big day?

I personally am not a fan of airbrush. I am a traditional makeup artist and I have foundation and use techniques that create the same result ( flawless, lightweight, long lasting). 99% of our portfolio pictures are traditional makeup application. I feel it is a trend that is fading out as brides are realizing that with the right artist you can achieve the same look for less. Most artists go in afterwards and use their hands or brushes to alter anyhow. With this said, we want to cater to our brides and some of our artists are available for airbrushing.

Wedding lipsticks that last?

Unfortunately, most lipsticks won’t last  and having a lip stain is a great alternative. Many times we use the brides own lipstick if they request or we leave behind a little lipstick and foundation of ours complimentary for those just in case scenarios and brides seem to really appreciate that!