Ahhhh the ring, one of the most priceless and sentimental items a bride will ever own. Normal everyday wear and tear, however can cause damage to this precious gem if it is not maintained properly.  Here are some things that you can do to keep your ring looking flawless for all time!

When to remove your ring

Although the temptation to show it off everywhere you go is high, there are certain cases when a bride should not be wearing her ring. Avoid having it on you while swimming, as your fingers can temporarily shrink in cool temperatures, allowing it to fall off. Remove your ring before applying heavy makeup, lotion, or any creams to your hands in order to avoid excessive buildup that can dull the stones. Lastly, take off your ring before beginning any housecleaning or yard work that involves harsh chemicals or rough equipment.

Keep it clean

Handle your ring as infrequently as possible, as the oils in your hands can cloud the gems and in turn reduce their sparkle. Clean your ring at least once a week to keep it as brilliant as the day you first got it! You can take your ring to any jeweler to have it cleaned, or you can research different home remedies that work best for different stones. And most importantly, get your ring inspected at least twice a year by a qualified jeweler to guarantee that the setting is secure. If there are any repair recommendations made by your jeweler, have them performed right away.