Being asked to be a bride’s maid of honor is a great acknowledgement and responsibility. In order to live up to the name, there are a number of things that you can do to help make the wedding process an absolute joy for the bride! There’s a ton of detailed lists out there covering various MOH tasks during the wedding process, but we have simplified it to eight main duties to make it a little easier!

Give your opinion

One great way to help the bride during the planning process is to research venues, photographers, and any other vendors the bride and groom want your opinion on! Also, if the bride asks you to accompany her on her wedding dress shopping journey, do it! This is such an amazing experience to be a part of, and having a close friend by the brides side to give loving words of encouragement is such a blessing.

Lead the bridal party

As the MOH, think of yourself as the ring leader of the group. Having one person that every bridesmaid can go to, to ask questions, give ideas, and help take over certain duties is essential to helping the process of planning a wedding flow smoothly. By being there fore the bride’s girls, you are setting her mind at ease, and making sure that things like the bridal shower and bachelorette party are planned flawlessly.

Plan the bachelorette party & bridal shower

These two events are major duties as the MOH! Get the other bridesmaids together and pool your ideas to decide what would make the bride happiest! In order to help you pull it off, delegate duties. Getting other people involved will make them feel included and also take some of the planning weight off your shoulders.

Act as a liaison

Be the person to go to, along with the best man for fielding guest questions. This prevents the bride and groom from feeling bombarded and that way they can focus on the planning. On the big day, make yourself the point of contact for vendors coming to set up (if there is no wedding planner). Make sure the bride is getting ready and relaxing, and if anything goes wrong, team up with the other bridesmaids to take care of it, and keep her focus on loving and enjoying every minute of that magical day.

Prepare an emergency kit

One of the most vital things you can do as an awesome MOH, is come fully armed with anything the bride may need on the big day. From touch-up necessities such as lipstick and concealer, to backup items like Advil, bobby pins, mouthwash, or a liquor mini, the bride will never forget the moment the MOH comes in clutch to save the day!

Give a toast

The task of giving a toast at a wedding, is one of the most special and nerve wracking things imaginable. As hard as it might seem, try not to be nervous, and instead treat it as an opportunity to show the bride how much she means to you, and how happy and excited you are about the couple’s union.

Make sure the bride eats and drinks

This is crucial! The bride is most likely going to be running all over the place chatting with guests and catching up with friends. In order to keep up her energy and enjoy herself, make sure she gets a little time to sneak away and enjoy the delicious food and refreshments.

Be a support system

Planning a wedding is no small feat! It is such a wonderful roller coaster filled with ups, downs, mishaps, and magical moments. Having a MOH there as a support system and a sounding board can be one of the most memorable parts of the whole experience. The main responsibility of any MOH is really to enjoy every moment of the process, and be there for the bride!