Your wedding day should be full of fun, friends, and family, but let’s be real: so much of the day is about your dress. Whether you’ve got your eyes set on a vintage wedding dress, you’re obsessed with A-Line wedding dresses, or you’re coveting that one mermaid wedding dress on your Pinterest wedding board, chances are high that you’ll need to have some wedding dress alterations done.

Needing dress alterations isn’t bad, though. On the contrary, having alterations done can help you find the wedding dress that fits just right. Here at Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver, our bridalistas are ready and excited to help you find the perfect wedding dress. We even have an in-house seamstress so you can say yes to the dress easily and confidently.

Stay Within Budget

If you absolutely fall in love with a dress out of your ideal price range, it can certainly be tempting to disregard the boundaries you set for yourself and get the dress you love. However, if you don’t stay within budget then it could cause stress and other problems later on.

Instead, see if you could work some extra hours to pay for the dress. Better yet, determine what it is you love about that dress and talk with a seamstress to see if you could implement some of those aspects into another dress you like that is more in line with your budget. You’d be surprised how much you could change a look with some simple dress alterations! Plus, you’d have a dress that’s uniquely yours when you walk down the aisle and won’t be as stressed about finances.

Try Different Designers

To find your perfect wedding dress, you may have to explore outside the range of designers you know. Instead of being set on a certain designer or collection, keep an open mind. You might just be pleasantly surprised with a wedding dress from a designer you had never even thought of before.

Create An Inspiration Board

Before you hit all the bridal boutiques you can find in Denver, you’re going to need an effective plan of attack. Sure, you may already know a style or two that you like. But knowing what style you want when you go out — a backless wedding dress, mermaid wedding dress, or princess wedding dress, for example — can help you save time, have fun, and feel your most beautiful.

Work With A Stylist

This is where your inspiration board will really come in handy. When you go into a bridal boutique, for example, you can tell the stylist helping you that you want a boho, classic, or other style, as well as price range and some of your favorite designers.

At Blue Bridal Boutique, all of our bridalistas can help you work through your options and show you beautiful wedding dresses galore. And because they know our inventory so well, they may even think of a style that perfectly matches your taste even if you didn’t see it.  

Alterations, Alterations, Alterations

As far as wedding gowns are concerned, you should never downplay the value of some good dress alterations. You can add a detail you love to a more affordable wedding dress, make the dress longer or shorter for your height and heels, or customize it so it fits just right when you’re walking down the aisle and all eyes are on you.

You deserve to feel special and uniquely beautiful on your wedding day — and wedding dress alterations can help make that happen.

Do What Feels Right

Ultimately, though, you should do what you want to do. This is your special day that you’ve dreamt of for years, and the dress is all about you. If you find a long-sleeved wedding dress that you adore, but you planned to get a sleeveless wedding dress — don’t worry about it! As long as you feel beautiful, that’s what matters.

At Blue Bridal Boutique, we help brides from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for your wedding dress, need dress alterations, or you need a venue for a bridal shower, we’re here for you. Schedule an appointment to visit us in Denver today or contact us with any other questions — including about wedding dress alterations. We can’t wait to help you celebrate your marriage!