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1. What’s your best advice for couples when looking for a wedding photographer?

Budgets are important, style is important, but both should come secondary to finding a photographer that you completely connect with personally.  What good are pictures, regardless of cost or style, if they don’t capture who you are?  If the photographer doesn’t speak your language then the story they’ll tell won’t be a story you’ll want to view, especially throughout your lives!

2. What’s your favorite moment to capture on someone’s wedding day?

There are many parts of any given wedding day I love, from the rise of emotions during the getting ready portion to the spontaneity and energy of the reception.  However I would say my absolute favorites times are those moments that are altogether unique to the couple and their day.  I photographed a wedding this past summer where the brides family got up on stage to surprise the groom and all their guests with a special song!  Even the brides grandfather was up on stage playing the harmonica!  Let’s say they brought the house down.

3. First Look vs. Down the Aisle?

As a visual storyteller, I’m indifferent on this.  I feel that a well managed timeline either way you go will serve one well and keep the stress to a minimum.  My approach to this question for all my couples is if they’d like a later ceremony then a first look and getting all their formal photos done before the ceremony is best; but if they’d prefer an earlier ceremony that would give plenty of time for all formal photos to be done after.  Let’s say I think it’s all about balancing the schedule and minimizing any stress!

4. How would you describe your photography style to a bride that doesn’t know where to start?

I would describe my style as easy-going documentary fine art.  How many adjectives can I put in there!  I feel that the images from a wedding day should read like a story, however each of those frames of the story should have there own elevated quality, hopefully each can stand on it’s own.

5. If you could shoot anywhere, any time, where would it be?

Easy..  Anywhere I’ve never been.  There’s something magical about absorbing and working out a place you’ve never been to before.  Like seeing through the eyes of a child
I heart Blue Bridal and thank you all again for allowing me to share my thoughts!