MJM DESIGNS | Owner, Mandy

1. What is your favorite flower right now?

This is a florist’s toughest question to answer! I love peonies and ranunculus of course, but my favorite flower at the moment is hellebore.

2. Do you find Pinterest to be helpful or harmful with styling florals for weddings?

Pinterest is great for inspiration, to help explain shape, size, and color palette; but the design won’t look exactly the same as a Pinterest photo. Every floral designer has their own artistic expression and it shows in their designs! Pinterest also doesn’t share with you the cost associated with the photo, so as designers we are there to explain, educate, and share what will be within our couples budget.

3. Splurge vs. Save; What’s your opinion on silk flower resurgence, and the benefits of real flowers?

Honestly, I am not a fan of silk flowers. Real flowers add to an ambiance of a wedding day that is like no other. The scents, textures, and natural shapes and lines help to dictate the couples vision of their wedding day.

4. What’s your favorite style/shape of bouquet?

I love a natural shape, nothing overly structured – allowing the flowers to dictate the shape of the bouquet organically.

5. Are there any flowers or plants you don’t recommend because they don’t last as long?

As long as temperatures aren’t super high or super low and the flowers have a water source most flowers do very well. Gardenia blooms are very sensitive blooms, even touching the creamy white flower can cause it to bruise, (turn brown), from finger oils. Also, dahlias can be finicky, so as often as I can and as long as there’s availability, I purchase dahlias from local flower farms to ensure freshness and durability.