BLUSH + BAY | Owner, Laura 

1. What is your favorite flower right now?

How do I choose?! My favorites will always be delicate varieties such as ranunculus, peony, anemone, sweet pea, and I have grown to love roses! There are so many gorgeous colors and varieties and if you let them open right, they are stunning.

2. Do you find Pinterest to be helpful or harmful with styling florals for weddings?

I love Pinterest and I use it a lot when conducting business because it has great inspiration pictures and it’s a wonderful way to gather more information about a client’s style and vision. However, it can be very dangerous if you don’t set realistic expectations. Just because it is an inspiration photo doesn’t mean the end product will look exactly the same, especially if budgets vary.

3. Splurge vs. Save; What’s your opinion on silk flower resurgence, and the benefits of real flowers?

I can see where a resurgence of silk flowers would come from. They’re more cost effective and better for the environment and some of them actually look very realistic now. However, live flowers will always have the number 1 spot in my heart. You can’t beat the scent, flexibility and pure beauty of them. Not to mention they are much more fun to work with.

4. What’s your favorite style/shape of bouquet?

The cascading bouquet has really grown on me this year! I have only had a couple of bride’s request this and I always end up being obsessed with their bouquet because they are so elegant, free flowing, and unique. Hopefully we see more of these in 2018! If not, bridal bouquets will forever be my favorite thing to create, no matter the style.

5. Are there any flowers or plants you don’t recommend because they don’t last as long?

I don’t stay away from any particular flower or plant 100% of the time. It’s a matter of knowing what is in season, what the environment will be like on event day and how to care for different products so that they stay at their optimal level.