A Touch Of Bliss | Owner, Adrienne 

1. What would you recommend to a bride who doesn’t know where to start with wedding planning?

The first step we tell everyone is to finalize your guest list and budget. You can’t move forward with any of the other planning pieces without these two things! During our first meeting with our couples, we ask them to list separately what their top 3 must haves and 3 things they would hate for their wedding day. It’s important to know what your priorities are!

2. Do you find Pinterest to be helpful or harmful with wedding planning?

Pinterest can be a great tool in the beginning, so we encourage you to browse and see what you like. Use Pinterest to find color boards, develop your style or vision for the day and see what’s out there. It’s also important to note that many pictures on Pinterest are staged styled shoots so there’s a lot that goes into recreating a tablescape 20 more times. After you’ve found your vision for the day, it’s important to use your creativity to determine the details of your wedding. One of our favorite parts of our job is coming up with unique and fun ways to infuse your personality into the wedding rather than having it look just like Pinterest. We spend time getting to know both of you, so your wedding says “You”!

3. What have you found to be the most difficult part for brides on their wedding day?

Your wedding is an emotional time and there may be a lot of history and relationships that are present at the wedding. The best thing to do is to let it out; it’s OK to be emotional on your wedding day! There is no other time in your life that it is expected to cry spontaneously for no reason so embrace it!

4. Why do you think it’s most important to hire a wedding planner/day of coordinator?

We could spend hours listing the reasons why hiring a wedding planner is the best decision (other than marrying the love of your life!) you could make. We pride ourselves on making the wedding planning process enjoyable as well, so you are excited for wedding day rather than just waiting for it to be over. How sad! ☹ A wedding planner will be there as your advocate and educator throughout the process (and pseudo best friend!). They will also help you refine and execute your grand vision for the day so you can enjoy every little moment!

5. If you could give brides one piece of advice for their wedding day, what would it be?

Enjoy! The day will fly by- as any past bride can tell you- so be present in every moment. While getting ready, you’ll be anxious to begin the ceremony but it’s important to spend time with your bridesmaids and mothers, who will most likely never all be in the same room focused on you again (until your baby shower that is!). During cocktail hour, be sure to focus on your new husband and take a moment to enjoy each other’s company without everyone else around. Don’t forget to eat! You’ll need the fuel to say hi to your guests and break it down on the dance floor!