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Over the past couple of years we are seeing more and more brides opting to do a first look, versus the traditional meeting at the altar. The truth is, no matter where and when it happens, the moment when the groom first sees his bride is nothing short of magical! In the meantime, We are here to help highlight some of the pros and cons of choosing to do a first look.


There’s not doubt about it, one of the main benefits of opting to do a first look is the pictures! Not only do you have more of an opportunity to capture some amazing shots, but you also free yourself up to start enjoying the reception with your guests as soon as the ceremony is over! There is also something very special about being able to capture this private moment between the bride and groom, where the makeup, nerves, and smiles are all so bright and fresh. 🙂

NervesMerwin-sp-62-620x414{photo by Elevate Photography} 

Another benefit of doing a first look, is that you get a quiet, sentimental moment with your spouse before all the reception and ceremony fun and craziness ensues. Also, who else better to calm any nerves you may have, than the one about to go through all this with you! Having that quick moment to just breathe, reflect, and prepare for that walk down the aisle is priceless.


We all know how fast time seems to fly on the big day, and the more of it you have to prepare the better! One con of choosing to do a first look, is that you lose precious preparation time. If you opt for post ceremony photos, you give yourself several more hours to spend with your bridal party and your family. After the walk down the aisle, the rest of the night seems to fly by, and both spouses can end up very thankful that they had some extra minutes preparing with all their loved ones.

The Groom’s ReactionCeremony29

{photo by Mallory Munson Photography} 

Many people when asked say that one of their favorite parts of the wedding is when the groom sees his bride for the first time. Witnessing something so magical really sets the tone for the wedding, and brings guests into the atmosphere and intimacy of the event. Guests reactions when they first see the bride also make for some amazing photo ops!