Jewelry with a conscious?  And affordable?  Now that’s a concept we can get behind, especially after we saw how adorable it can be!  We checked out and fell in love with this necklace, created using a vintage broach and clip earring, completely one of a kind, it’s perfect for a romantic wedding gown!  

When we found these earrings made from recycled aluminum soda cans, we fell in love.  How adorable are these?  Check out our new jewelry line by in the boutique, which  benefits Thailand’s coral reefs and looks fab with a couture gown or with jeans!  You can even find bracelets made using nuts and seeds from the rainforests in South America benefitting the native artisans.  When we stumbled upon these cufflinks (great groom’s gift, incidentally), we could not help but put one of the rings from this amazing designer into our shopping cart.  Oops, that was not part of the plan, but who can resist these pieces, honestly?