A bridal shower is an amazing opportunity for a bride to get all of her loved ones together to celebrate the upcoming big day with gifts, fun games, and great food! Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest,there are so many awesome bridal shower ideas to make your day unforgettable. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Theme it

One really fun way to make a bridal shower unforgettable, is to choose a unique theme that both the guests and the brides will enjoy! One theme in particular that really caught our attention is the idea of combining a boudoir shoot with your bridal shower. Doing a boudoir shoot on your own can seem quite intimidating, but with a few of your closest gal pals, bubbly, fun tulle skirts, and colorful bralettes it is the perfect way to celebrate!

It’s all in the details

There will be pictures galore on the day of your bridal shower, so whether it be beautifully hand glittered champagne bottles, or adorable baby pink macaroons, the details are important. One really fun and exciting way to achieve the perfect table spread is to set up a bubbly bar. The possibilities are endless when the table is filled with different types of champagnes, fruit for garnishes, and fresh juices for mixers. This is a great way to get your guests excited, and you are providing a variety of drink options for different people’s tastes in a cost effective way. Bring on the bubbles!

Games galore

Party games are the perfect way to get your guests laughing during the bridal shower fun, especially when they include revealing funny facts about the bride and groom. The shoe game in particular always gets your guests involved. After the groom stops by to open gifts with the bride, pull up two chairs and have them sit back to back and kick off their shoes. Ask a laundry list of funny questions about the couple, and see how they respond to who does what in different scenarios by raising the corresponding shoe in the air. This is a great opportunity for the guests to call out personalized questions, and capture candid pictures of the couple that they will be sure to look back on and laugh!