5 Steps To A Stress-Free Wedding

Hey, Gorgeous!


We know you’ve waited a long time for this special day to come, and you deserve to enjoy your day absolutely stress-free with your family + friends! Sometimes certain details can be overlooked in the whirlwind of planning, so we wanted to lay out our top 5 tips to help streamline the process!


Hire a Wedding Planner or Day Of Coordinator!


Unless you are a “planner” and love to organize events, this is by far our highest recommendation, as we have seen and attended many, many weddings, where the poor family or friends are frantically trying to set up decor, or coordinate timing for everything, and that’s just not what they came for! They came to celebrate YOU and your love, and saving that little extra in your budget isn’t worth it, you will be so much more relieved handing things off to a professional. This also helps in laying every little detail out weeks in advance to ensure that nothing’s forgotten and everything that you envisioned comes to life!


Invest in What’s Most Important to You!


As a couple, it’s important for you and your love to sit down and discuss what parts of the day will mean the most to you. Maybe it’s the venue, a place where you really resonate and feel at home with spectacular views. Maybe it’s the food, you two love to eat + “foodie” is another way of describing one another, you want your guests to enjoy your favorite foods or the most amazing menu you decide on! Maybe it’s your photography, you do look at these photos the rest of your life, so you might as well find a phenomenal photographer to capture your special day in the way you envisioned it. Maybe it’s your dress, you only get to wear it once, for one day, make sure you feel like a million bucks wearing it, and we’ll make sure it fits you like a glove! Our recommendations would be Photography, Dress + Cake/Food. These are unanimously our favorite parts of any wedding, and what is most commonly remembered!


Make a Schedule for The Week Of – And Stick To It!


The week of the wedding can go one of two ways, super organized and smooth, or super frantic and panicked. To help eliminate some of this extra stress, we highly recommend taking care of little things that involve the bride + groom several days before your big day. For example, write your vows days in advance + have your spray tan and manicures scheduled far enough out, so that you actually enjoy yourself! If you forget to write those vows, and you’re scribbling random love notes 20 minutes before you walk down the aisle, is there really much sentiment in that? Take the time to each write them a couple nights before the wedding so your heart is truly on that paper, and set them in a special box so that they’re safe + sound to travel to the venue. Touch base with your planner + venue to ensure that those heirloom pieces/photos/decor, are organized and packed to get to the venue long before you do. See if you can bring things to store at the venue days before, or even the night before, to put your mind at ease. If you notice your list catching up to you, and things aren’t done by Thursday, don’t worry about it. Friends + family will be arriving any minute now, and this is where faith in your planner sets in.


Do a First Look!


We’ve spoken with a lot of photographers that we work with in the Denver area, and we receive the same consensus every time we ask – they recommend doing a first look. There’s a variety of reasons why, but mainly is to have that special, intimate time with your partner before the chaos commences. Taking photos during a first look allows the photography to capture that intimacy and love first hand, without having to worry about rushing to the reception for the cocktail hour. This is also best done before the ceremony, as the bride’s hair + makeup is still super fresh (not sweaty!) so that you get the most bang for your buck from more than one vendor. If you are adamant that you want to see that raw emotion when you walk down the aisle on your honey’s face, then make sure you have a special time post-ceremony where you can either ride to the reception just the two of you, or you can just sit and have a snack together (couples that snack together, stay together) before you return to the crowd + celebration. Things can become rushed and out of schedule sometimes, but as long as you dedicate some special time together, things will seem so much more peaceful.


Roll Things Off Those Pretty Shoulders! Happy Brides Are The Prettiest Brides!


You made it, you’re here, you’ve planned + prepped for the best day of your lives, and there’s nothing else you can do but let your work unfold. If something doesn’t go exactly as planned don’t let it make you upset because this is your party and things happen! If you have to cut the cake early because it’s melting, hey! You get cake early! If a silly groomsman wears the wrong shoes, all the better to dance in, baby! If your adorable flower girl steps on your dress and busts a bustle, break out your emergency kit for some safety pins and your crew will get creative! If your flowers are pinker than you wanted, they probably still look amazing, and there’s really nothing you can do but enjoy this celebration as if nothing went wrong. The second you let something get to you, your emotions will show on your face and everyone will know something isn’t quite right. If you have to have a moment in the bridal suite, let it all out girl, everyone who loves you and supports you is here for exactly that. A wedding has a weird way of testing your personal strength, and strength as a couple, and it’s the first actual event you’ll see certain sides of each other that will stand the test of time.