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Welcome to Blue Bridal Boutique! We can’t wait to help you find the perfect wedding dress for your special day. Before we get started though, we’re going to need you to select an appointment type to find your ideal wedding dress.

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Never been dress shopping? Not sure where to start or what looks good on you? Book a Silhouette appointment to figure out what shape of dress + style you’re truly looking to wear on your big day! This alleviates any extra stress and pressure from going to multiple shops without a vision in mind. Mom is coming to town in 3 weeks and you want to have the best experience with her?


Schedule a Silhouette Appointment to figure out exactly what you want in a gown before you dive in seriously into your dress shopping search! This will help narrow down your options, help you find favorites to come back to, and simply take some silly stress out of finding what’s really “YOU”!



After your silhouette appointment, you know what you love. You’re on a mission. You’re ready to say “YES!” – This is the best kind of appointment to bring your VIP guests to, the ones whose opinions mean the most + will help you in deciding on your dream dress!


A full seventy-five-minute appointment to try on some amazing dresses in your style + price range, accessorize to the nines in your top faves + hopefully fall in love with the most perfect dress! We know that you can’t find your dress without some very important people, however, we do ask that your guest limit is kept to a maximum of 4-5 guests due to limited seating. Please call us to confirm larger parties for approval on certain days!




You’ve found the dress you love, or a few favorites that could be it, and need just *one* more appointment to narrow things down to “The One”! A sixty-minute appointment to retry those amazing dresses, pick out the perfect accessories, discuss your ordering process with your consultant, take measurements + say “YES!”


Alterations AppointmentS:


Please be sure to call us to book your alterations appointment! Online booking is not available for alterations at this time, we apologize for any inconvenience.