Your dress has arrived and the countdown is on! This is the most exciting part of your bridal journey, and we can’t wait for you to wear your beautiful dress down the aisle! The most common questions that we are asked are “When do I schedule my wedding dress alterations? How far out do I schedule my wedding dress alterations? and How much do wedding dress alterations cost?” The easiest part about shopping with us at Blue Bridal is that we have an in-house wedding dress seamstress that is the best at her craft, and takes care of all of our bride’s fittings!

The ideal timeline to start your alterations process is about 3-4 months out from your wedding, pacing out your second and final fittings much closer to your wedding date. If we are in a tighter timeframe with your wedding date and your dress arrival date, then we suggest booking your alterations appointments in advance at our Denver bridal boutique! Our bridal seamstress opens her books to both Blue Brides and external brides, so if you already have your dress and you have a summer or fall 2020 wedding, it’s time to give us a call!

The price for wedding dress alterations varies because every dress is different! Pricing is definitely dependant on how well the dress fits you, your height, and any custom changes you may be interested in. On average, bridal alterations can cost between $300-$700 to fit your dress perfectly to you. It’s important to have a budget for fittings set aside, as it is very common to need some alterations for your dress before your big day!

If you purchased a sample sale dress off the rack, you’re in luck! Our seamstress provides flat-rate pricing, where no costs are surged based on the amount of fabric she is taking in! When you’ve found the most amazing deal on a designer wedding dress, and you’re told by a seamstress that it’s going to cost the same as your dress or most likely more, it feels like the magic of your bargain bridal hunt has faded. We understand how expensive weddings can be, and how your dress absolutely cannot be compromised on the quality of fit, so we love to ensure that your alterations costs do not go through the roof!

Give us a call with any alterations questions you may have, we book alterations appointments on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays!