To-do lists galore, piles of sticky notes, and a thousand reminders in your phone — wedding planning is supposed to be fun, right? It certainly is fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a whole lot of work at the same time.

Here at Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver, we love all things wedding. We’ll help you find your wedding dress and we’ll craft the perfect wedding dress alterations with your ideas in mind, but we’re also here as a resource for bridesmaid gift ideas, groomsmen gift ideas, bridal shower decor, and more! Read our blog today to find out three final touches you can’t afford to miss in your wedding planning, and contact us today for a beautiful wedding dress or for dress alterations!

Wedding Cake Toppers

From calligraphy to block lettering to initials and, of course, the traditional figurines topper, Etsy is your place to go for an affordable, meaningful, and memorable wedding cake topper!

Everyone has a unique theme to their wedding, and you can top yours off with a cake topper that describes you and your partner and matches the theme. You can even find a personalized bobblehead cake toppers!

Do you and your partner have fur babies? Find an Etsy shop that can include your pets in your wedding cake topper so it truly represents you.

More traditional and solely prefer a classic partner and partner topper? Etsy has you covered.

Calligraphy is hot and trending right now for wedding cake toppers. If you plan on changing your last name, why not display the name on top of the cake in beautiful calligraphy?

No matter what your style is, the chances are high that you can find your dream cake topper for your big day on Etsy! Customize it as much as you want, just as you would with wedding dress alterations.

Wedding Dress Alterations

If you want to find the perfect wedding dress, then wedding dress alterations are a must. This will allow you to get it to fit just right or bring in that other detail you really wanted in your bridal gown. Check out our other blogs on the three essential wedding dress alterations or on everything you need to know about dress alterations.

When you get your wedding dress at Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver, our bridalistas will help you expertly decide on a dress you love and help you catch a vision of what dress alterations could offer. And whether you get your dress with us or from someone else, our in-house seamstress will be happy to give you the perfect wedding dress alterations.

Personalized Hashtag

Sure, this may not be the highest priority on your wedding to-do list, but it’d be a shame if the day of was finally here and there was no hashtag! Determine your social media strategy — even if this means you want an “unplugged” ceremony with no one on their phones. If you do a creative hashtag for your wedding, though, you’ll be able to easily find everyone’s posts after the day has come and gone.

Still need wedding dress alterations? Contact Blue Bridal Boutique in Denver for help today.