Wedding Gown Preservation | Blue Bridal Boutique
What Is Wedding Gown Preservation?
We wanted to share some information about the recommended tips for the care of your wedding dress after you get married! Most brides will invest in a process to preserve their gown that will help it stand the test of time to be able to pass on to their loved ones. We suggest the sooner the better to drop off your wedding dress, but we understand how sometimes life takes off and it gets pushed deeper into your closet!
Stains and dirt can settle into the materials and can make it that much more difficult to remove, so it’s almost as important as returning your fiance’s suit to the rental store. Once you’ve returned from your honeymoon adventures, and life has settled down a bit as newlyweds, bring your dress back to Blue for preservation!
The wedding gown preservation kit includes the preservation of two accessories with your dress (your veil, sash, garter, handkerchief, etc); these pieces then go through a specific cleaning process to remove dirt from your hem, stains from wine/food, and repairs to broken buttons, bustles or straps. After cleaning, the gown goes through an organic preservation process of chemicals that preserve the fabric and materials from yellowing and deterioration over time. (Think – mothballs, yellowing, that stale smell from Grandma’s closet)
How Does Wedding Gown Preservation Work?
It’s primarily this organic chemical process that is the preservation, not the enclosed shadow box, that keeps your dress in tip-top shape! Your dress is then steamed, pressed and placed with a bodice structure inside to keep the boning and structure of the dress in place.
A lot of brides question the purpose of getting their dress preserved, the main concern being that you can’t take it out of the box once it’s sealed – this is false! You absolutely can take your dress out and wear it again, whenever you want! “Or why would I spend so much to preserve my dress? I’m just going to sell it.” We wince sometimes at the latter, just because we have so many brides that bring their mother or grandmother’s gowns for creative use in alterations! We’ve made custom veils from the lace on mother’s gowns, or cut out appliques and embroidered them into the detail of your dress’ bodice. The most common question from our brides is, “What is wedding gown preservation?” and “How much does wedding gown preservation cost?”
Wedding Gown Preservation Company
As an authorized retailer, we only preserve gowns through ONE reputable company; Wedding Gown Preservation Co. This is the only company we trust, and that hundreds of thousands of brides have trusted to preserve their gowns since 1931. We realize that online, there are many imposter companies that ensure their process is the same, for a fraction of the price, however, our instincts and experience have shown us otherwise. If you choose to purchase a preservation kit online yourself, we’ve heard of the stories of gowns never returned, return of kits with different gowns than your own.
This horrific reality is an online scam that absolutely is too good to be true. When you invest so much into your beautiful wedding gown, we believe going through an authorized retailer is the only way to ensure your dress is in good hands. The cost of Wedding Gown Preservation ranges from $300-$400 which includes: organic cleaning, organic preservation process, 2 accessories, shipping to and from, insured shipping, and the preservation shadow box.
The meticulous process of preserving your dress, we think, is almost as important as the day you pick your dress. Your wedding dress holds sentiment, memories, and nostalgia all in one – you should be able to relive those memories any time you take it out to look at it again! We look forward to helping you preserve those memories, for your future children, or just to try it on again in 20 years. Your love is timeless, and your wedding dress should be too!