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With your perfect wedding dress, you need a flawless look. At Blue Bridal Boutique, we set up a guest interview with one of our favorite makeup artist companies, Captivate Beauty Services, to help you get the look you’ve always dreamed you’d have for your special day!

1.) What would you recommend to brides who would like to use a wedding day look instead of going with their typical everyday look?

Eyelash extensions! This will open the eyes and draw attention to their face. They also don’t have to worry about mascara running if they cry. These will last through the wedding events and honeymoon, which is always a benefit.

2.) What do you recommend to brides that want a bold lip color?

  • We love a pop of color if it is done well.
  • Go slightly more subtle on the eyes when you do a bold lip.
  • We also recommend liquid lipsticks. These stay on all day and won’t get on your pretty wedding dress.

3.) Why is it important to hire a hair and makeup artist for your wedding day?

It is less stress for you! Seriously. You get to enjoy those precious moments with friends and family. The experience of having a salon come to you is fun because the transformation from PJs to glam will happen right in front of your eyes.

4.) Do you have a preference or recommend airbrush makeup vs. regular foundation?

We love both foundation types, but airbrush is for those brides who don’t want to worry about touch-ups. It is non-transferable, sweat, oil proof plus has a 12-hour wear. It has a full coverage, but looks very natural and feels light on your face.

5.) What is your one piece of beauty advice for brides on their wedding day?

A.) One piece of advice leading up to wedding:

  • PREP!
  • Facials for clearing up issues.
  • Trial sessions to know what you are getting on the day of your wedding.
  • Extra water! To help with stress, bloating, hangover, and a lack of sleep.
  • These four things will help you more than anything else can on the wedding day.

B.) One piece of beauty advice for brides on their wedding day:

  • Enjoy, you have done everything you can do! Have fun and embrace all the love and support around you!

To get the perfect wedding dress for your special day to go along with your flawless look, come visit Blue Bridal Boutique.