Looking for reception table decor that will wow your guests and have them thinking of your reception forever? Whether you are planning on numbering your tables, solely using florals, doing a combination of both, or even opting for buffet tables only, Etsy has everything you could need!

It is always so exciting to flip through magazines or scroll through Pinterest for ideas, but did you know you can find almost all of that same decor online for a fraction of the price?! Etsy is one of our favorite ways to plan a beautiful, budget-friendly wedding. You can get everything you need and more for a steal!

Reception Tables

When numbering your reception tables, it is important to keep the wedding theme present in how you display the numbers. If you’re going to be wearing a vintage wedding dress, for example, you may want to carry that theme throughout all of your decor, including your table settings and numbers.

Whether using the numeral or spelling out the number, Etsy offers countless options! It’s easy to customize your items — be they signs, table numbers, programs, etc. — so you could even have the font of the table numbers match the font used on your wedding invitations and ceremony program. It just flows so nicely! Check out these to-die-for wedding table numbers on Etsy.

Southern Living Wedding Table Ideas feature some of the most unforgettable wedding table decor. From vibrant colors to fine china or a burlap-inspired theme, Southern Living has you covered. And you can even search these items on Etsy and find the exact match or a close second for a great deal!


Buffet Tables

Let’s say you’re not having seated reception tables — you can still get creative with your buffet tables!

Instead of using standard white linens for the buffet tables, utilize Etsy to find tablecloths and decor that go along with your wedding theme. You can wrap the silverware in decorative napkins and top them off with a ribbon and sticker or a label that has your initials on it. Adding greenery (perhaps a fig branch or a pussy willow) can make a bold statement. One of the best parts? All of this can be found online while you’re comfortable at home!

Again, try to make the decor — even though it’s for the buffet tables — match the theme of your wedding and of your wedding dress. A formal mermaid wedding dress would look great, but pairing it with a boho-themed buffet table wouldn’t match the formality.

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