This is a hard topic to discuss, and our hearts go out to all of the brides & couples that have been affected by COVID-19. When everything feels out of your control, especially what’s supposed to be the BEST day of your life, this pandemic has turned everything upside down. If your wedding is in April, May, June or even July, chances are that you will be required by state regulation, to postpone and reschedule your wedding. You’re probably in disbelief, and asking yourself “How do I postpone my wedding day?” or “What do I do with my postponed wedding from coronavirus?” – We understand the stress you’re all under, and we wanted to extend some advice to help you during this time!

1.) Contact Your Venue NOW! The best way to be informed is to be in communication with your vendors, first and foremost, your wedding venue. Don’t wait to hear from them, as they are probably swamped with other couples being proactive, so you want to be on their radar first thing. If they are restricted by a government mandate to cancel or postpone the event due to the guest count, or any reason, you just have to accept that fate. The best questions to ask are: “Can I postpone my wedding to a later date? If so, what dates are available for my guest count?”  – It’s best to not be too picky with dates, as we’re sure there are many events in the same boat selecting available dates, first come first served. We would suggest a fall date, if available, just so your guests can feel comfortable rescheduling their travel plans.

2.) Contact Your Vendors! The next step is to contact all of your vendors to confirm if they have your new date available. Try to contact your biggest ticket vendors first, as their schedules are probably changing as well, and it’s best to see if they have flexibility. If you hit a roadblock with your photographer, caterer, planner or videographer – take a deep breath and talk with your partner about what matters most to you. Food? Photography? Hair and Makeup? Planning? Go from there in reorganizing your priorities, and talk it out with everyone’s schedule on hand. This WILL all work out, it’s just a little more leg work than expected. If you are struggling to find a new vendor for your date, we’re happy to make suggestions, but we recommend finding a wedding planner to help get you connected with reputable vendors in your budget.

3.) Contact Your Guests! Once you’ve selected your new date, contact your guest list! A personal call or personalized email will provide the correct postponement information and will open communication moving forward so your guests don’t feel awkward reaching out. Everyone that loves you is concerned and thinking of you, so be sure to keep all in the loop on what’s going on. The sooner they are notified to adjust their travel plans, the sooner they are able to avoid flight transfer fees, add travel insurance, and contact their lodging accommodations (if you haven’t already!)

4.) Contact US, your bridal shop! Your wedding dress is just fine to hang out here until the dust settles! We are happy to work with your new wedding date, and will be rearranging our schedule as we go along to accommodate everyone’s availability. Rush fees and expedited fees will be waived due to the circumstances, so if we are needing to do your fittings only a couple weeks before the wedding, we will make it happen!

5.) Don’t Panic, This Too Shall Pass – Wedding planning is stressful as is without a pandemic going on, so we recommend trying your best to go with the flow. You have already found the love of your life, you two could go get married once the court reopens and delay the celebration a bit if it would ease your stress! This is not the worst time of your life, and this is just a challenge that you and your future spouse are going to get through together – life likes to throw curve balls when you’re not looking sometimes.

We hope this advice helps during this difficult time, and we truly hope and pray that each and every one of you is safe and healthy as we wait it out. We can be contacted via email from March 23 until further notice, feel free to reach out with questions or updates any time! Email: