The word “ballgown” intimidates a lot of brides, as their imagination stretches back to Cinderella and an extremely formal dress for an extraordinary event. Times, of course, have changed, but we still encounter many brides with their minds made up that ballgown wedding dresses are just not for them. We get you, girl, but trust us, you might just change your mind! The days of pick-ups, noisy materials, and 20 lb dresses are dated and gone, and our wedding dress designers at Blue Bridal have the more modern-day romantic in mind.

One of our favorite trends for ballgown dresses is a horsehair skirt. What is horsehair, you ask? Great question! It’s a malleable, woven textile that creates a cascading, voluminous shape without the weight. Back in the day, it absolutely was made with real horsehair, but today most materials are synthetic and man-made! Adding horsehair to the trim of your skirt can give you the billowy, moveable volume you never knew you wanted until you give the dress a big twirl. #twirlfactor

Our newest arrival from Beloved by Casablanca is literally a dream come true, see for yourself! Plenty of gowns in the past 4 seasons (2 years) have had very low, plunging necklines, with not much variation. This wedding dress has a gorgeous, modified halter neckline, with an open key-hole back! It’s hand-beaded top sparkles to no end, with stunning crystals and opals. No need to worry about being weighed down, this dress is essentially weightless with it’s fluffy, horsehair skirt! No petticoat, no problem! We’d love to think this gown encompasses a combination of modern whimsy with elegant classic, something you’ll have fun wearing ALL NIGHT. This gown is delightful in every way, even down to the price tag – come try her on today!