Welcome to Blue Bridal Boutique where we absolutely love helping you create your special day with your special someone. Blue Bridal Boutique started in 2009 and was the best decision that the owner ever made. From a young age, our owner knew that she wanted to own a business because she had watched both of her parents run a business. For years, while working at Neiman Marcus in the bridal industry, she had longed to be a business owner and her own boss, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

However, she absolutely loved helping brides find the perfect dress and she adored seeing those bright smiling faces of the future Mrs. when she found the perfect dress. This helped her take a risk to start Blue Bridal Boutique almost 10 years ago and she hasn’t regretted her decision since.

The name Blue Bridal Boutique stems from an old tradition. If you’re a bride, then you’ve probably heard the saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” This saying is supposed to help the couple have good luck in their marriage. While you may not believe in superstitions, incorporating these four things that every bride should have on her wedding day is meaningful and special. If you get something from your mother, future mother-in-law, or a best friend, you’re creating something memorable and fun from the experience of your wedding. Your special day should be fun and all about you, so why not enjoy everything leading up to your wedding?

At Blue Bridal Boutique, we love to help brides-to-be find the perfect dress. We love everything to do with finding the perfect dress for you. Some people think that wedding dress designers just sent us the wedding dresses without us actually taking the time to do anything, but this is a misnomer.

We actually travel to New York City twice a year to choose, pick, and fall in love with styles that we feel the brides in Denver would absolutely adore. Our brides are important to us and we want to make sure that the styles they love are honored at Blue Bridal Boutique. As a store full of shopaholics, we love being the first to check out the latest wedding dress styles and have the amazing privilege to choose what those in the bridal Colorado market would be thrilled to try on.

At Blue Bridal Boutique, we think finding the perfect dress should be a warm and cozy experience. We want you to kick off your heels (or your snow boots) and stay awhile. We’ve done our job if you leave our boutique feeling like you just met some great new friends, and found the perfect dress along the way. We realize your dress is not the only part of your wedding, so although our gowns range from $900-$3,000, we do our best to keep our average price around $1,200.

Congrats on finding the love of your life, now let us help you find the dress!